Securing Your Load

At Drive Personnel Ltd we supply drivers in and around the Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex areas and the safety of our drivers, their load and other people that come into contact with them is of critical importance.  Every year there are major injuries and even deaths where loads have not been secured properly.  In addition unsecured loads lead to road closures, cost to business and penalties.

Loads must be secured even if the vehicle is ONLY TRAVELLING A SHORT DISTANCE OR AT LOW SPEEDS. Never take any risks. Please also consider items inside your cab, loose items, even small ones such as laptops or tools are potential missiles in a collision or other accident and can cause serious injury to the vehicle occupants, other road users and pedestrians.

You may ask who is responsible for securing loads?  Well load security is not just the sole responsibility of the vehicle driver, employers, vehicle owners, drivers and loading and unloading staff all have a role to play in ensuring loads are secure.

Please take some time to review the DVSA guidelines to ensure you are fully aware of everyone’s responsibilities, types of loads and the ways in which they must be secured. If you are in any doubt or do not feel comfortable with how a load has been secured please call Drive Personnel or the client you are working for immediately.