How TikTok Could Help End the HGV Driver Shortage

You might have heard of TikTok, or even scrolled through it yourself, but are you familiar with the ‘Truck-Tok’ side of the app? Apart from delivering viral funny skits, TikTok has served as a hub for truckers to share the ins-and-outs of their profession with a wide variety of audiences. This growing online community has not only helped connect drivers across the country, but it has also captivated the interest of an unlikely demographic of young viewers.

Getting the younger generation excited about lorry driving seems like an impossible task, but perhaps surprisingly, TikTok is having great success changing the way HGV careers are perceived by the general public. Reaching potential recruits through this platform could be a great way to manage the driver crisis in the UK, which has recently been exacerbated by the rising number of retiring drivers and the post-Brexit worker shortage.

Although the team at Drive Personnel might not be TikTok experts (yet), we’re pleased to see how much of a positive impact the Truck-Tok trend is having on the perception of the transport industry.

Driver Recruitment in a Digital Age

With the new generation spending over 5 hours a day on social media, ‘Truck-Tok’ creators are playing an important role in tackling the ongoing driver shortage problems as more and more young viewers consume their content.

This unexpected but very welcomed audience reception is a hugely positive development given the desperate need for more drivers in the UK. Encouraging the new generation to become lorry drivers could help increase the number of younger recruits, helping to minimise the driver crisis in the UK.

Recruiting More Female Drivers

Only 1% of lorry drivers in the UK are female, and 22-year-old HGV driver Becky Giles is hoping to change that. Giles creates a wide variety of TikTok videos covering her daily routine as a lorry driver to inspire women and young people to consider a career in transport. By sharing her positive experiences and challenging prevalent stigmas, Giles is using TikTok to help bridge the gender and age gap in the transport sector.

A Sneak-Peak Into the Life of a Lorry Driver

As society grows increasingly more detached from the production and transport process behind their purchased goods, TikTok has become a great platform to offer valuable insight into different aspects of the hidden work drivers perform. Some of the most covered topics in trucker vlogs include driver logistics, key responsibilities, weekly schedules, and potential salaries.

The response to these types of videos has been overwhelmingly positive with Truck-Tok content creator, Tim Carter receiving various messages from young people who feel inspired to pursue a career in driving as a result of his videos. This feedback highlights an opportunity to connect with young people who can help to fill future vacancies in the transport and logistics sector.

Highlighting the Importance of Logistics

A significant portion of the UK’s market revolves around imports and exports, and lorry drivers are a fundamental part of this process. Unfortunately, not many are aware of the impact of their involvement on the well-being of our economy. The content created and shared on Truck-Tok helps to spread awareness about the vital role drivers have not only in logistics but in society as a whole.

Using TikTok to recruit and attract a new demographic to pursue a career in logistics could help to establish a healthy and thriving transport sector, which is currently functioning under immense pressure.

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