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Specialist ADR Driver Recruitment Services

Welcome to Drive Personnel, your local recruitment company specialising in qualified ADR drivers in the South and South East of England. As a reliable and committed recruitment partner within the transportation industry, we excel in connecting local employers with skilled ADR drivers, ensuring precise matches to seamlessly propel your operations forward.

ADR drivers play a crucial role in handling goods covered by the ADR regulations outlined in the "European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road." Our team comprises reliable ADR drivers who are certified to handle, transport, and deliver goods that pose risks to health, safety, and the environment.

At Drive Personnel, we take pride in our commitment to providing industries, such as chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and logistics companies dealing with hazardous materials, with ADR-qualified drivers. Our mission is to ensure the safe and secure transport of these goods, contributing to the overall safety and compliance of your operations.

Why Choose Our Specialist ADR Driver Recruitment Services?

Find your next ADR driver with Drive Personnel. Our dedicated team brings extensive expertise to the forefront of driver recruitment, ensuring a seamless connection between companies and skilled ADR drivers.

We prioritise efficiency and safety, understanding the intricate requirements of the transportation of hazardous materials within the logistics industry. Whether you need ADR drivers for short-term assignments during peak periods or seek permanent positions for a specific duration, our recruitment solutions are tailored to your unique requirements.

Count on Drive Personnel to deliver reliable, professional, and flexible recruitment services that keeps your operations moving smoothly.

Tailored ADR Driver Recruitment Solutions

At Drive Personnel, we understand the unique rules surrounding the transportation of dangerous goods, which is why we provide ADR driver recruitment solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our tailored approach to driver recruitment ensures precision in matching skilled drivers with hazardous materials expertise to your unique requirements.

Enhance your team with our specialised ADR driver recruitment services for enhanced safety and compliance.

Cost-Effective ADR Driver Recruitment Solutions

Discover ADR driver recruitment solutions tailored to meet your staffing and budgeting needs. Our cost-effective approach ensures efficient and affordable access to skilled drivers with the necessary ADR qualifications to transport dangerous goods legally by road.

Bolster your workforce capabilities with Drive Personnel’s ADR driver recruitment services for the optimal balance of affordability and industry expertise.

Areas We Cover

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What Our Customers Say...

Philip Blackman
Non-Clinical Manager, Oncology & Haematology at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

During long period of absence from our substantive driver, Drive Personnel have provided an excellent service and trained additional drivers, allowing us to maintain our cancer service.

Various times Drive Personnel have provided drivers with less than 24 hrs notice. They have moved their schedules around in order to accommodate, by avoiding the NHS having to pull the service, up to 25 patients per day can benefit from this.

Great agency, very accommodating, friendly & helpful.

Milosz Mazur
Assistant Transport Manager at Lambert Brothers Haulage Ltd
On numerous occasions we had to turn to Drive Personnel to ask for a driver to cover last minute sickness or urgent last minute job, and not once we were disappointed.
Every single time we deal with Drive Personnel, customer service is outstanding. Without a doubt I would highly recommend.
Nicolina Iacob
Transport Coordinator at Wessex Galvanizers
Karen is always very helpful and tries to find drivers for us to cover holidays or absence.
I highly appreciate the effort of sending us the same drivers who already know the job and are doing their best in servicing our customers.
Rachael Jenkins
Operations Manager at Meachers Global Logistics
Drive Personnel provide us with good quality agency staff, and always respond to last minute demands. Karen always responds to my emails very quickly, and manages my requests even with very little notice.
Richard Mawer
Warehouse/Transport Manager at Graham Plumbers Merchant
Whenever we need an adhoc driver, Drive Personnel are always our only port of call, always manage to get us a top quality drivers. 

Karen and Chris are always on the end of the phone and always so willing to help out, the drivers are outstanding, especially Wayne who is the ultimate professional. Best service from the best people,


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What Our Drivers Say...

I have now worked for Drive Personnel for the past five years.  During this time the team have supported me in providing work to suit the qualifications I have as well as encouraging my progression by supporting me in gaining further qualifications.  Looking forward to many more years with DP

I have worked as a driver for Drive Personnel for over 4 years now and never had anything to fault with their management. Their dedication and professionalism really shows - nothing is too much hassle for them