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HGV Class 2 HIAB Driver Recruitment Services

Welcome to Drive Personnel, your premier destination for specialised HGV Class 2 HIAB driver recruitment services across the dynamic landscape of the South and South East of England. As a trusted and dedicated partner in the transportation industry, we take pride in connecting local employers with professional drivers, ensuring an exact match to keep your businesses moving.

Whether you require short-term driver assignments for peak periods or permanent positions for a set length of time, our HIAB recruitment solutions cater to your specific needs. Partner with us for a swift response to your staffing needs, adherence to the highest health and safety standards, and transparent communication throughout the recruitment process.

Why Choose Our HGV Class 2 HIAB Driver Recruitment Services?

At Drive Personnel, our unparalleled proficiency lies in the recruitment of HGV Class 2 HIAB drivers. Our committed team possesses a thorough understanding of the requirements for HGV Class 2 HIAB drivers, facilitating seamless connections with companies in search of skilled professionals. Beyond holding the requisite licenses, our drivers bring substantial experience to the table, prioritising both safety and efficiency.

Tailored HIAB Driver Recruitment Solutions

As a leading independent recruitment and employment agency specialising in the HGV driving sector, we are dedicated to providing customised recruitment solutions that precisely match your unique staffing requirements.

Whether you're in need of drivers for short-term assignments, seasonal peaks, or permanent positions, Drive Personnel guarantees a tailored approach to fulfil your demands.
Recognising the time-sensitive nature of the transportation industry, our recruitment process is intricately crafted for a prompt response, ensuring that you secure the HIAB drivers precisely when your operations require their expertise.

Cost-Effective HGV Class 2 HIAB Driver Recruitment Solutions

We are devoted to delivering cost-effective recruitment solutions that align seamlessly with your budgetary constraints, all while maintaining the highest standards in driver quality. Specifically tailored to meet your unique business requirements and demands, our recruitment services for HGV Class 2 HIAB drivers are designed to strengthen your transportation team through a comprehensive and customised approach.

Choose to partner with Drive Personnel for recruitment excellence, offering an optimal balance of affordability and industry expertise in HGV Class 2 HIAB drivers.

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I have now worked for Drive Personnel for the past five years.  During this time the team have supported me in providing work to suit the qualifications I have as well as encouraging my progression by supporting me in gaining further qualifications.  Looking forward to many more years with DP

I have worked as a driver for Drive Personnel for over 4 years now and never had anything to fault with their management. Their dedication and professionalism really shows - nothing is too much hassle for them