Is HGV Driving a Good Way to Earn a Living in the UK?

Is HGV driving a good way to earn a living in the UK?

If you enjoy the freedom of the road and want the opportunity to increase your earning potential, you may have wondered whether HGV (LGV) driving is a good way to earn a living. HGV drivers often get to choose their working hours, travel to new places every day, and meet new people.

As a driver agency in Southampton and an HGV training provider, Drive Personnel provides extensive opportunities for drivers new and experienced alike to learn new skills and increase their earning potential.

Although earning a living as an HGV driver may be a perfect career choice for some, it does not suit everyone. Driving heavy goods vehicles, large goods vehicles and specialist vehicles requires training, and is not typically a 9 to 5 role. Often HGV drivers work long hours and are working alone day-to-day without interaction with a team. However, many HGV drivers enjoy these aspects of the job as it allows a certain level of freedom.

Earning a living as an HGV driver means more than just driving. As well as transporting goods on the road, HGV drivers are responsible for loading and unloading goods in line with strict health and safety regulations, planning driving routes that are efficient, fast and direct, and regularly reviewing the safety of their vehicle, particularly in relation to other road users.

To begin a career as an HGV driver, you will need a valid driving licence. Then, through a training provider such as Drive Personnel, you can complete your HGV Class 2 (including 7.5 tonnes) and HGV Class 1 training and learn how to drive vehicles that carry goods up to 44 tonnes in weight. This driver training includes a mix of both classroom training and practical training. Throughout this training, you will take a series of tests including:

When combined, the cost of a complete HGV training experience can total around £1000, depending on location and training provider. Compared to the cost of a university education, LGV driver training courses are a worthwhile investment to secure a life-long driving career in an industry that is always hiring. With the current HGV driver shortage estimated at around 60,000 drivers, your new skills are likely to be in demand for the foreseeable future!

The transport industry offers a range of roles, from operating a 3.5 tonne light goods vehicle to handling a lorry carrying explosive or corrosive goods.

Learning new skills and working in different roles can help to keep a job interesting and exciting, which is why many truck drivers also explore the route of operating more specialist vehicles. Handling a specialist vehicle requires professional training, which in turn increases the value of your role. Those who choose to develop their career increase their earning potential by obtaining qualifications such as:

  • ADR training
  • HIAB training
  • Moffet training

These qualifications not only allow HGV drivers to earn more but also gives them job security with the opportunity to apply themselves to a wider range of HGV jobs, increasing the driver’s value to their company or agency.

Although many drivers pursue further training and progress into higher-paid roles, some HGV drivers choose to remain Class 2 or Class 1 qualified, which is still a great way to earn a starting salary of between £20-30k per year.

If you are considering HGV driving as your next career, or want to increase your earning potential as an HGV driver, contact Drive Personnel today.

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