Healthy Habits for HGV Drivers

As a leading provider of HGV driving jobs in the Southampton and Eastleigh area, at Drive Personnel we know only too well how demanding driving a HGV vehicle is and although a lot of this may sound obvious, when you are busy and out driving all day sometimes unhealthy habits can creep in.

HGV driving is physically and mentally demanding and can be quite intensive. Driving a HGV is something that requires a lot more discipline than an average 9 to 5 role.  Drive Personnel know how hard it is to break old habits but making new habits that can improve health and wellbeing. At Drive Personnel we say that learning to be a good HGV Driver isn’t just about driving the vehicle but it is about how healthy, mentally alert and happy you are, these elements have a massive impact on how well you will drive to keep yourself and other people safe.

Getting Enough Sleep and Rest

Besides the requirements of law to ensure you have the appropriate breaks and rest periods ensuring you get enough sleep is vital.  Tough deadlines and unconventional hours can play havoc with sleep patterns.  A good night’s sleep is essential for both the health of your body and mind.  This means deep, comfortable and restful sleep. Ensure you get enough sleep for your own body, however The National Sleep Foundation says that 6 hours is a minimum but recommends between 7-9 hours for adults.

Healthy Diet

Being out on a driving job all day doesn’t exactly help with a good balanced diet and it takes a good habit and planning to ensure that you are eating healthy foods when away from home.  It is so easy to eat sweets, fatty snacks and convenience food when you are busy and hungry. The effects of these types of foods can have a massive impact on your physical and mental health. Long term effects of these types of foods can lead to an increased risk of obesity, heart problems and diabetes.  One of the best things drivers can do when out on HGV driving jobs is to schedule in meal times and try and make some healthy swaps i.e. fruit, nuts etc and to take healthy meals from home or make different food choices whilst out working. Even if you can start by making a few healthier choices this will make a difference and give you incentive to do more.


It can sometimes be a real challenge for HGV Drivers to get enough exercise, especially with long, unconventional hours.  However, this is so important in maintaining good health and avoiding injury.  Again, starting small can be the key to life long changes and you will start feeling fitter and more alert in no time.  Going for a walk, jog, stretches etc are good ways of increasing your exercise.

Fluid Intake

Most of the UK are very dehydrated and as a nation we all don’t drink enough water.  So, if you don’t have the luxury of working in an office where there is a tap to hand to fill up your water bottle then you will find this even more challenging.  We all know how easy it is to reach for a sugary drink but drinking water instead will have a big positive impact on your health and keep you mentally alert.