DVSA Statistics Show Drop in Drivers Hours Infringements

At the end of March this year the DVSA produced a report, one of the findings was around drivers’ hours checked at the roadside.  Over 67,000 HGV and Light Goods vehicles were stopped at the roadside and there has been a 35.7% reduction in HGV and Light Goods drivers’ hours infringements in the UK in this year’s report compared to the previous year. While this reduction is going in the right direction and demonstrates improved vigilance amongst HGV and Light Goods drivers, the figures are still too high and roads need to be made a lot safer.

At Drive Personnel we want our HGV drivers to be safe on the road and to ensure that they are keeping other people safe by driving within the law. Please ensure that you are not only familiar with the law around driving hours and rest breaks but you are taking care of yourself whilst driving.  Being tired on the road can lead to putting yourself and other people in danger so listen to your own body and ensure you are resting for not only what the law requires in and outside of work but what rest you need whilst at home.

Drive Personnel supply HGV drivers in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex and take safety extremely seriously so please take some time to review your own needs and the government website around driver hours, rest breaks and safety checks (see link below):