Driver CPC and Brexit: What Will Change?

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, there has been speculation about how Brexit will affect trade, freight and its movement through UK and EU borders. As a driving agency, Drive Personnel aims to keep our drivers abreast of the latest Brexit news and how changes in international transport regulation may affect our drivers. In the transport industry, concerns surrounding the Driver CPC are rising as transport companies begin to question its validity post-Brexit.

What is the Driver CPC?

The mandatory Driver CPC certification qualifies a driver to drive professionally in the EU. The Certificate of Professional Competence is awarded when a driver has undergone a complete training programme, practical and theory test and periodic training following the expiration of a CPC certificate. The aim of a Driver CPC is to improve road safety and to maintain high standards of driving for those who drive commercially as an HGV or LGV driver, among other professions.

Without a driver CPC, the driver will be unable to obtain a commercial driving licence and could be fined up to £1000 for operating a commercial vehicle. 

Driver CPC and Brexit

Following Brexit and the speculation surrounding freedom of movement between the UK and the EU, many questions have been raised regarding the validity of certifications awarded using EU regulations and standards. For example, it is possible that drivers may need to show additional identification when crossing the EU border post-Brexit.

Since January 2020, the UK has been in a transitional period and will remain in this state of flux until at least the end of 2020 whilst the UK and EU negotiate a trade deal. During this transitional period, the current rules for drivers will continue to apply, and in all likelihood, will persist even once trade negotiations are complete. This means that post-Brexit, drivers will continue to be required to hold a valid Driver CPC and complete periodic CPC training.  

It is likely that Brexit will not affect UK drivers’ requirement to hold a valid CPC; however, closer to the completion of the transitional period, the UK government will release further details of changes to laws regarding international freight and driving in the EU. For updates, check the website.

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