The Benefits of Working with an HGV Driver Agency

Whether you are a driver looking for a new role, or a business trying to fill a vacancy to meet customer needs, a driver agency can save you time and hassle. As a leading HGV driver agency in Southampton, Drive Personnel works with local businesses to place the best drivers in suitable roles throughout Hampshire.

Why Use an HGV Driver Agency?

Many businesses choose to recruit their own drivers, using their own team to source and interview drivers for vacant roles. When you choose an experienced driving agency like Drive Personnel, you have a dedicated team of recruitment experts with an entire database of reliable and experienced drivers at your disposal. Whether you are looking for van drivers to fulfil parcel deliveries, or an HGV 2 driver to transport pallets, a quick phone call to your agency is all it takes to fill your role.

Driver agencies like Drive Personnel have a pool of drivers who have undergone interviews, suitability and quality checks, and are ready to work.  These pre-qualification tasks offer peace of mind that your team won’t be scrambling to find a new driver after only a couple of weeks, as we’ll match the best driver to your specific needs – ensuring that drivers stay for longer and your staff churn is reduced. 

Some driver agencies like Drive Personnel also provide training opportunities for their drivers, meaning that your business won’t need to foot the cost of expensive training for specialist roles.

Why Use a Driver Agency to Find Your Next Role?

Finding a job in the logistics industry can be frustrating, with companies hiring for roles which they know little about. If you’ve ever left a job interview for an HGV 2 role when the job listed was for an HGV 1 driver, you’ll know how disappointing this can be.

When you choose to join an HGV driver agency, you’ll have access to huge variety of roles, including full time work, part time work, day driving and night driving. Furthermore, the team at the driving agency will be communicating with and interviewing drivers on a daily basis, so you’ll know that you’re in knowledgeable hands.

As well as having a wider range of jobs available to choose from, some driver hire companies like Drive Personnel offer driver training to help you maximise your earning potential and develop your career. To find out more about Drive Personnel’s training opportunities, click here.

How Do I Find the Right Driver Hire Agency for Me?

Finding the right driver agency that you can rely on to provide top-quality drivers or to support you in your new role can be challenging. One of the best ways to find the right fit is to check out reviews from customers and drivers, see which companies are local to you, and speak to the team to gauge whether you think you would work well together.

Drive Personnel is a specialist driver recruitment agency based in Southampton. We support our drivers and help them maximise their earning potential by providing training and professional development including further HGV Driver Training, Driver CPC TrainingADRMoffettHIAB and other advanced training.

The team at Drive Personnel is expert in placing drivers in a range of temporary and permanent roles throughout Eastleigh, Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham and Winchester. If you’re a driver looking for work or a client looking for a driver agency that can provide top-quality logistics staff, contact us today.