Mountbatten Hampshire £50 Corporate Challenge Top Fundraiser Award

We were thrilled to have been awarded the title of ‘£50 Corporate Challenge Top Fundraiser’ in the 2020-21 Corporate Awards by local charity and hospice Mountbatten Hampshire.

For the third year in a row, we took part in their challenge to raise vital funds for Countess Mountbatten Hospice. The challenge is simple: each business is given £50 and tasked with raising as much money as possible using this initial amount.

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Drive Personnel

Although most people can drive a car with only a small amount of practice, becoming a great HGV driver requires a very specific skillset that isn’t suited to everyone. Whether you’re looking to get your foot onto the career ladder, or are seeking to improve your HGV driving skills, check out these helpful tips.

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HGV Driving Agency in Eastleigh

With many construction sites remaining operational during lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, the need for HIAB drivers has remained consistent. As one of the few sectors which has seen an increase in demand in 2020, having a skillset required by this industry is especially useful.

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